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[CHIITF Event]BRI Forum on Overseas Economic and Trade Cooperation Held in Zhengzhou   Time:2019-04-10 10:23   Pageviews:1129

The BRI Forum on Overseas Economic and Trade Cooperation of the 13th China Henan International Investment & Trade Fair was held on April 9. Photos are taken by Reporter Den Fang

"Henan is an important node along the ancient Silk Road, and boasts rich Chinese traditional culture." On April 9, Vice Governor Wu Guoding introduced Henan to guests from home and abroad at the BRI Forum on Overseas Economic and Trade Cooperation. The participants exchanged to seek opportunities and common development.

At the forum, when the governor of Uzbekistan's Samarkand Toure Dimov Elgin Jung, Gabon's ambassador to China Baudelaire Ndoela, and Frank Dosen, the representative of the Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment Administration of Wallonia, Belgium, were talking about Henan with the reporter, they mentioned Yellow Emperor Hometown, oracle bone inscriptions, Shaolin Kungfu, and t'ai chi ch'uan, and some of them even performed the Kungfu with great interest.

“They like ancient Henan, but like today's Henan better.” This is the feeling of Sheng Xiangrong, Deputy General Manager of China Construction Seventh Engineering Division Corp., Ltd. As early as the 1980s, China Construction Seventh Engineering Division Corp., Ltd. began to carry out overseas business in Africa and other places. The Marina Tourism Center Project in Egypt, the Kerry Pharmaceutical Factory Project in Eritrea and the Hospital Project in Mendefera were all marked "Constructed by Henan, China" and built the Sino-foreign friendship.

In the forum, the ancient Silk Road camel bell seemed to still ring in our ears; while outside the forum, the brand-new Silk Road scroll is being gradually unfolded with bright prospects.

From Zhengzhou to Luxembourg, the "land of a thousand castles", there is an “Aerial Silk Road” extending wider and wider: Its routes cover more than 100 cities in 23 countries and regions of Europe, America and Asia, forming an international hub route network covering major economies in the world, and driving Zhengzhou Airport to rank among the top 50 cargo airports in the world.

From Zhengzhou to Hamburg, the Germany's foreign trade center, there is a “Land Silk Road” running faster and faster: The China Railway Express (Zhengzhou) takes the lead in realizing high-frequency round-trip operations among the current China-Europe lines running in China.

From Zhengzhou to the major cities around the world, there is an "Online Silk Road" becoming more and more convenient: The construction of EWTO core function agglomeration area is progressing steadily. The "1210" supervision mode, "one-second customs clearance" mode, and "cross-border online shopping on-site delivery" sales mode initiated by Henan Bonded Logistics Center are leading in China.

From Zhengzhou to China’s major coastal ports, there is a "Maritime Silk Road" becoming more and more smooth: Zhengzhou Container Center Station connects Qingdao, Lianyungang, Zhoushan Port and other key ports by rail-sea intermodal transport, thus the "waterless port" has realized its connection with the whole world.

The coordinated development of the four Silk Roads is producing the "multiplier effect" and forming a new advantage for Henan to develop international intermodal transport. “Henan effectively solved the location problem not alongside the sea or border, and continued to unleash greater dynamism of opening-up,” said Liu Dianxun, Director of the Investment Promotion Agency of Ministry of Commerce, P.R.C.

Silk Road and camel bell connected the past and today. After the three-hour forum was over, the image of an open and confident central province has deeply impressed the guests at home and abroad: Henan, formerly known as its "history", now is with "new" brilliancy.