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[CHIITF Event] The Symposium on Henan Merchants' Role in Better Developing Central China is successfully held

Time:2019-04-11 17:46   Pageviews:1131

In the morning of April 9, the Symposium on Henan Merchants' Role in Better Developing Central China under the 13th CHIITF co-organized by Henan Provincial Commerce Department and CHIITF, was held at Zijingshan Hotel in Zhengzhou. Over 100 Chinese and foreign guests, including over 30 representatives of overseas Henan merchants' associations come from nearly 10 countries and regions, presidents of Henan merchants' associations outside Henan, presidents of merchants' associations of other regions in Henan, and the representatives of local branches of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Henan Sub-Council, attended this symposium. Mr. Zhang Yanming, head of Henan Provincial Commerce Department, attended and presided over the symposium, and Mr. Hu Jinbao, vice president of CCPIT Henan Sub-Council attended the symposium.

As a thematic event launched by the 13th CHIITF for the first time, the Symposium on Henan Merchants' Role in Better Developing Central China aims to make Henan further involved in the Belt and Road Initiative through internal and external linkages, and opening up in both directions, thus promoting the high-quality development of Henan's economy in an all-round and high-level way. This symposium was held against the backdrop of studying and implementing the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress throughout Henan, and the important speeches by General Secretary Xi Jinping during his visit to Henan, as well as the speeches to Henan Delegation at this year's sessions of NPC and CPPCC. It is a concrete practice of implementing the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 10th CPC Henan Provincial Committee and the Henan Provincial CPC Working Conference.

General Secretary Xi placed ardent expectations on Henan's work and put forward clear requirements. He hoped that Henan could seize the opportunities and make new contributions to a better central China.

Henan merchants refer to the generations of Henan entrepreneurs who have grown up since the reform and opening up, including local entrepreneurs who were born, grew up and developed in Henan and Henan entrepreneurs who went out. In the past 40 years, Henan merchants, growing up from weak to strong positions, have played a significant role in stabilizing economic growth, promoting innovation, increasing employment and improving livelihood, thus making contributions to a better central China.

At the symposium, Mr. Zhang Yanming, head of Henan Provincial Commerce Department, held a discussion with the representatives of Henan merchants' associations worldwide on how to better develop central China. Mr. Zhang Yanming said that the provincial Party committee and government are very concerned with and support the development of Henan merchants. Organizing Henan merchants together in pursuing development is an important approach to open wider to the outside world, because Henan merchants are crucial for revitalizing Henan and prospering people there. In addition, he put forward targeted suggestions and measures for the development of Henan merchants in the future. He hoped that Henan merchants will become a good propagandist, information officer and salesman for Henan's development, continue to play their role, vigorously carry forward their spirit, and strive to contribute new wisdom and strength to develop central China better.

At the symposium, Henan merchants gathered to discuss cooperation issues and seek common development. As a bridge and link for Henan to publicize itself to the outside world for cooperation with the world, the representatives of over 10 overseas Henan merchants' associations had a full exchange with domestic Henan merchants at the symposium.

Mr. Wang Lijun, president of US Henan Business Alliance Association (USHBAA), talked about the association's development and influence in the United States in recent years. He said that the USHBAA should play its role as a bridge and link, actively participate in the cooperation and exchange of business and trade culture between Henan and the United states in various fields, thus enhancing Henan's overall international image by matching and paving way for Henan's activities in the United States. Mr. Chen Ran, president of UAE Henan Chamber of Commerce and Association, detailed the chamber's development in Dubai. In 2018, its member companies had an annual turnover of over RMB 1.5 billion, and over 100 kinds of Chinese commodities are imported, half of which come from Henan Province, as well as over 500 Henan employees. Meanwhile, the cross-border e-commerce overseas warehouses under UAE Henan Chamber of Commerce were opened jointly by the chamber and the cross-border e-commerce enterprises in the Middle East. In this way, Henan enterprises can directly enter the Middle East markets and develop multi-channel sales shortcuts online and offline. Ms. Wang Qiuhui, president of UK Henan Chinese Association, spoke highly of this symposium and warmly introduced what Henan enterprises have done in facilitating the Sino-British economic, trade and cultural exchanges. The association has not only established Henan product sales centers in the United Kingdom, but also liaison offices in Henan, helping more Henan enterprises enter the UK. Wang also said that the chamber would hold an opening ceremony at Henan Zhongdamen for establishing the UK Pavilion to promote bilateral exchanges in the import and export of products.

Mr. Song Fujin, president of Henan Chamber of Commerce in Tianjin, revived his hometown, Suiping County, turning Mount Chaya into a mountain with economic values. He suggested that in attracting investment, the scheme shall be implemented to the end, the new government must settle old issues, and the contracted projects must be performed. All these concerns the resolution, confidence, stability and sustainability of investors. Mr. Wang Qunsheng, the party committee secretary of Henan Chamber of Commerce in Beijing, said that, Henan merchants working outside, rich and homesick, should develop and invest their hometown. Mr. Song Zhanfeng, the executive director of Henan Chamber of Commerce in Zhejiang, introduced that the projects of RMB 6.8 billion have been launched through the CHIITF and another 10-billion-yuan projects are under negotiation. In the future, we would help enhance the brand awareness of agricultural products, creating one product for one county.

The symposium held for the first time in 2019 is a powerful promotion that the CHIITF has been committed to strengthening cooperation with overseas Henan merchants in recent years. Especially in the past two years, the chamber has actively contacted Henan merchants from over 30 countries, establishing cooperation with the Henan chambers of commerce in the United States, England, Italy, the Netherlands, Ukraine, the UAE, Malaysia and Thailand. In addition, it held a symposium for trade promotion agencies and overseas Henan merchants in 2018, which yielded very good results. The enterprises organized by the CCPIT branches of 18 prefectures and cities have conducted targeted negotiations with the overseas Henan merchants, learning about the local policies, regulations and trade environment. In this way, the competitiveness of Henan enterprises has been greatly enhanced to allow them to go out. These overseas Henan merchants are full of love for their motherland and hometown, and have certain influence on Henan. They keep the focus on the economic and social development of Henan, get themselves involved in the cooperation and exchanges in various fields between countries and regions and China, give full play of their local resources and talent advantages to facilitate the overseas activities of Henan enterprises. Henan merchants all presented that they are more confident in bringing Henan's high-quality products to the vast global markets and attracting more powerful enterprises to invest in Henan, relying on the cooperation platform with greater opportunities for global Henan merchants established by Henan Provincial Commerce Department and the CHIITF.

Following the symposium, at the request of the overseas Henan merchants' associations, we also arranged a series of visits to some cities and free trade zones in Henan Province and business talks for them. In this way, they would conduct more economic trade and investment exchanges during their stay and return with fruitful results.