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The 13th CHIITF drew to a successful close   Time:2019-04-12 07:41   Pageviews:1063

The foreign leaders attended this CHIITF include 3 foreign current and former state leaders, 17 state governors, vice governors, congressmen, former congressmen and former ministers, and 48 ambassadors to China, ministers, counsellors, consuls, foreign directors, sheriffs, mayors and parliamentarians.

Domestically, He Wei, vice-chairman of the CPPCC national committee and executive vice-chairman of the Central Committee of the Chinese Peasants and Workers Democratic Party attended the Zhengzhou International Biopharmaceutical Development Summit. Li Chenggang, assistant minister of the Ministry of Commerce and member of its Party Leadership Group attended CHIITF and guided the organization of it. In addition, Li Jiaxiang, leader of the fourth group of The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China Environmental Protection Supervision Committee and former director of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, and Wan Lijun, secretary and chairman of the Leading Party Group of All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese also attended the fair. Thirteen provinces and regions, Xinjiang construction corps and Hami City attended the fair in group.

High-level talks attracted over 90 senior executives from famous enterprises worldwide

More than 90 senior executives from Fortune Global 500, multinational companies and well-known overseas enterprises, and more than 140 senior executives from China Top 500 enterprises and industry leaders gathered together for high-level talks and high-level exchanges.

The following guests also attended the fair: Kazuyuki Onose, director of Sumitomo Corporation and general manager of Automotive Manufacturing Business Division, Qian Yujun, president of United Bank of Switzerland in China, Cha-Yol Koo, Chairman of South Korea's LS Group, Hans, CEO of Onshore Wind Division (Asia Pacific Region) of GE Renewable Energy, Randeep Grewal, Chairman of AJW group in UK, as well as senior executives from Microsoft, P&G, Morgan Stanley, Cargolux, Oracle and PWC.

Domestically, the following guests attended the fair: Wang Jianlin, chairman of Wanda Group, Liu Haibo, chief vice president of Wanda, Du Juan, key personnel of GOME, Fang Wei, CFO of GOME, Tao Xuefei, vice president of Alibaba, Cai Lei, vice president of, Wang Xiaoyu, deputy general manager of China Construction First Building Group, Gao Yang, director of Huawei in Beijing, Sun Bo, CMO of Ctrip, etc. There were also 7 academicians from China, Germany and other countries, and more than 40 university presidents, experts and professors and heads of research institutions from China, the United States, Japan, Russia and the republic of Korea attending this fair.

Industry elites offered advice and suggestions regarding many areas in Henan.

The Zhengzhou International Biopharmaceutical Development Summit invited more than 700 people to attend the forum, including Chen Kaixian, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhu Xun, chairman of Tongxieyi New Drug Elite Club, and representatives of well-known innovative pharmaceutical enterprises, venture capital firms and universities at home and abroad. Those first-class talent of biomedical medicine field gathered there together. With topics about frontier domains such as the development of new antibody drugs in China, they discussed the development direction and strategy of innovation of biological medicine and industry integration, and ways to establish the Airport Economy Zone a place of biological medicine.

In Investment Attraction for Eco-tourism and Cultural Industry Projects fair, Ctrip, Toutiao, Tencent, Lvmama, Meituan, tongcheng and mafengwo, those seven top Internet companies in China jointly voiced "Hometown Henan" loudly across the nation, spread "Chinese Kungfu" to the world, and signed up 95 projects on site.

The 2019 cooperation forum and project docking activity of "the Belt and Road Initiative" on "She Consumption",·"She Economy", and "She Brilliance" had the following guests from home and abroad attending the activity. They are ambassador of Suriname to China, ambassador of Cape Verde to China, Meng Man, a professor of History and Culture Department of Minzu University of China, Chen Wenling, a renowned economist, and Deng Yaping, a former Olympic champion. They have also given speeches themed "She Culture", "She Consumption", and "Sports Make Women More Beautiful". They encouraged women to realize their value and show their charm in the high-quality development of Henan in the new era.

By April 10th, more than 600,000 pieces of news about CHIITF could be found through search engines like 360 and Baidu, according to "The news has created a favorable public opinion atmosphere in attracting more entrepreneurs to pay attention to Henan and establish industries here. " Zhang Yanming, the head of Henan Provincial Commerce Department said.