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The 13th CHIITF brings over 422.6 billion yuan investment in 463 projects   Time:2019-04-12 11:34   Pageviews:1270

About 15,000 Chinese and foreign merchants attended the 13th CHIITF, an annual gathering on opening up central China held from April 8th to 11th at the shore of Ruyi Lake. 

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During the four-day gathering, 37 events were held in packed houses, agreements of 463 projects were signed, and cities in Henan attracted investments of 422.66 billion RMB. There are 600,000 pieces of media coverage on this CHIITF which was actively participated by merchants from 88 countries and regions. The volume of business exceeded 8 billion yuan, which is double the volume of the previous CHIITF. With the theme of "Opening-up and Cooperation  Wonderful Henan", the 13th CHIITF delivered fruitful results with far-reaching significance, making Henan stand at a new historical start on the way to opening up.

The amount of foreign investments confirmed by agreements signed in this CHIITF is above RMB 400 billion, and agreements of 463 projects were signed.

In this CHIITF, agreements of a series of high-quality projects, which are in line with the industrial development plans of different places in Henan and can promote local economic development, have been signed. Agreements of 463 projects were signed with a total investment of RMB 422.66 billion, of which, RMB 411.45 billion are from the rest of China and foreign countries. Such a large number of projects will greatly promote the adjustment of industrial structure and achieve high-quality development in Henan.

As for the type of the signed investment projects, there are 296 advanced manufacturing projects with a total investment of RMB 188.43 billion, 136 high-growth service projects with a total investment of RMB 209.46 billion; 31 modern agricultural projects with a total investment of RMB 24.77 billion. For instance, Add New Energy Investment Holdings Group Limited invested RMB 2 billion in the Add New Energy Project in Shangqiu in eastern Henan, which will carry out innovation, R&D and manufacturing of flexible batteries, flexible intelligent terminal products and hydrogen fuel cells. These projects will effectively make Henan a major province of advanced manufacturing, high-growth service industry and modern agriculture, fostering new areas of development.

Moreover, big and good projects signed in this CHIITF played a leading role. It is reported that the investment for each project averaged to more than RMB 900 million, and the investment volume of 144 projects (1/3 of the total) exceeded RMB 1 billion. Many Fortune Global 500 enterprises, China Top 500 enterprises and other well-known enterprises invested in Henan this time, including Wilmar International, Cargill (US), China Resources (Holdings) Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong SAR), Wanda (Dalian, China), and Country Garden. Both new investments and reinvestments were made in this CHIITF. For example, Yihai Kerry from Wilmar International continued to be optimistic about the market in Henan, as it invested RMB 2 billion in Kaifeng (in eastern Henan) to engage in deep processing of edible oil after investing in Zhengzhou Economic Development Zone, Tangyin (Anyang, Henan) and Zhoukou Economic Development Zone.

In this CHIITF, exhibitions were combined with negotiations, and the volume of business exceeded RMB 8 billion, which is double the volume of the previous CHIITF.

This CHIITF is characterized by its highlighted function of trade promotion, combination of exhibitions and negotiations, and integration of exports and imports. The exhibition used 6 exhibition halls on the first floor and 4 exhibition halls on the second floor of the Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition area is unprecedentedly large, which is about 54,000 square meters.

During the four-day gathering, 80,000 purchase visits were made to Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center and the total turnover of contracts, agreements and intentions reached RMB 8.015 billion, which is double the amount of the previous CHIIFT. In the RMB 8.015 billion, the intentional turnover in the exhibition area for export commodities was RMB 3.78 billion, while that in the exhibition area for imported commodities was RMB 4.235 billion. Exhibition areas for two major guests from Hungary and Thailand were set up for the first time and an opening ceremony was held for them. The intentional turnover with countries along the Belt and Road was RMB 1.843 billion.

The gathering held the first Matchmaking for Import and Export Procurement, and organized nearly 500 key exporters in Henan Province and more than 300 Chinese and foreign professional purchasers of mainly 10 categories to participate. More than 1,000 people attended the event.

It is reported that an import and export service delegation of 80 enterprises participated in the event, including China International Freight Forwarders Association, the Investment Invitation Group of Henan International Freight Forwardness Association, COSCO Group, Bolloré Logistics and other Fortune 500 enterprises, industrially top 100 enterprises and well-known local international logistics companies. During the nearly-3-hour business docking, 300 visits were made by international merchants, more than 600 Chinese and foreign merchants were contacted, orders of exported goods of 2,500 containers were settled, including more than 300 products such as agricultural machinery, handicrafts, snacks, auto parts, and wigs. Assistance was provided to exhibitors and their volume of business was USD 300 million.

37 targeted and effective events were held in packed house

This CHIIFT, centered on the theme "Opening-up and Cooperation  Wonderful Henan", held 4 key events, 4 events for guest of honor, 12 special events, 6 professional special events, and 11 events by provincial cities.

At the matchmaking, 200 overseas companies from 45 countries and regions conducted six rounds of 878 one-on-one negotiations with more than 700 Chinese enterprises in Henan, 278 of which were concluded with an intentional deal and 123 with intentions for further field visits.

A series of special events were held for deepening cooperation with foreign investments. At the China (Henan)-Hungary Economic and Trade Cooperation Forum, Henan enterprises represented by Zhengzhou Coal Mining Machinery (Group) Co., Ltd invested in Hungary and built a bridge of cooperation between Henan (and even China) and Hungary; at the 2019 China (Henan)-Germany Economic and Trade Cooperation Matchmaking, three agreements on cooperation were signed; at the 2019 Asian Economic Development Summit, the Facilitate Platform for Chinese Citizens' Visa Application Acceptance was officially launched. Li Jifei, First Counsellor and Consul General of the French Embassy in China, said that France is looking forward to direct flights to Zhengzhou and to opening up a new visa center in Zhengzhou as soon as possible.

The Hundred Cities Construction and Quality-Upgraded Project Financing Fair was held for promoting high-quality development of new urbanization in Henan Province. The "She Economy·She Consumption·She Brilliance " of the Belt and Road cooperation forum was held for women's consumption and women's economy. 300 guests from nearly 20 countries and regions attended the event, and investments of more than RMB 1.4 billion was made in 12 investment projects of clothing, cultural creativity, modern logistics, etc.