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[CHIITF Event]Xinxiang Cultural Tourism and Healthcare Industrial Cooperation Forum Held in Zhengzhou

Time:2019-04-11 07:29   Pageviews:745

With the convening of the 13th CHIITF (Henan), Xinxiang has been open to the world, attracting broad attention. On April 8, the Xinxiang Cultural Tourism and Healthcare Industrial Cooperation Forum and Project Signing Ceremony were held in Zhengzhou. Li Yueyong, Member of the Standing Committee of the Xinxiang Municipal Committee and Executive Vice Mayor of Xinxiang stated that Xinxiang will offer the best environment, the most favorable policies and the most reliable guarantee for entrepreneurs to invest trustingly, live comfortably and grow up securely.

In the speech, Li Yueyong stated that in recent years, Xinxiang has promoted the construction of the characteristic forestry ecology of "32231" and water ecology system with "5 lakes, 4 rivers and 2 canals" as main parts and carried out ecological civilization construction in an all-round way. Besides, Xinxiang is vigorously promoting the construction of the eco-city integrating mountains, rivers, forests, land, lakes and plants in Fenghuang Mountain and Fengquan Lake, the ecologic zone along Yellow River and the cultural tourism and healthcare industrial zone in South Taihang Mountains, striving to achieve the integration of cities, mountains, rivers and forests and the harmonious coexistence between people and the nature.

Zhu Yunqing, Vice Chairman of Xinxiang CPPCC and Chairman of Xinxiang Federation of Industry and Commerce, hosted the forum and signing ceremony. Zhou Yong, Vice Chairman of Xinxiang CPPCC and Director of Xinxiang Municipal Bureau of Commerce, introduced the local situations and cultural tourism and healthcare industries. Yuan Qun, Vice Chairman of Chinese Red Culture Research Association, and Gao Jianjun, Vice President of Tianjin University Research Institute of Architectural Design and Urban Planning, delivered keynote speeches.

Guangdong Haode Investment Co., Ltd. signed 30 projects with Weihui Municipal Government, including the Bigan (God of Wealth) Cultural Tourism Town Project, with a total investment of RMB 43.49 billion.