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[CHIITF Event] The Matchmaking for Import and Export Procurement of the 13th CHIITF is held in Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center

Source:Henan Daily   Time:2019-04-10 07:23   Pageviews:1183

On the afternoon of April 9, the Matchmaking for Import and Export Procurement, one of the events of this CHIITF, was held as scheduled. Nearly 500 manufacturing enterprises and trading companies joined this CHIITF as exhibitors, and more than 300 Chinese and foreign professional purchasers came here for business matching. The total attendance has reached more than 1,000 people.

Zhang Yanming, Director of Henan Provincial Commerce Government, stated in his speech at the event that the matchmaking aims to build a platform for foreign trade enterprises in Henan to expand corporate exports, and the organizing committee has chosen exhibitors according to the edges of Henan export industry and the export scale of individual commodity in recent years. Nearly 500 manufacturers and trading companies of 10 categories are selected, covering mobile phones, intelligent equipment manufacturing, automobiles and spare parts, hardware tools, clothing, food and agricultural products, consumer goods, carpets, outdoor recreation equipment and hair products. Meanwhile, some enterprises that have not obtained booths are also selected to participate in the matchmaking.

"It is hoped that this event can provide an opportunity for Henan foreign trade enterprises and foreign buyers to carry out face-to-face talks, deepen exchanges and expand trade," Director Zhang said.

The matchmaking started immediately after the speech. The reporter from Henan Business Daily saw on the spot that Chinese and foreign businessmen are attracted to the desk of Xinxiang Alpha Manufacturing Ltd to consult.

The reporter noticed that within one hour, dozens of businessmen from Central and Eastern Europe and North Africa have negotiated and exchanged contact information with Alpha Manufacturing. One Algerian businessman was interested by toys and asked his companion to film a video of him playing a toy. 

Li Guojie, customer manager of Xinxiang Alpha Manufacturing, talked to the reporter that this is the first time of the company to participate in the fair and as a toy manufacturer and exporter, it used to participate in toy fairs in Hong Kong and Germany that are more suitable for it. Li said that as the first time exhibitor of this fair, he is satisfied with the outcome and he will report information about customers at new markets besides Europe and American markets to the company after he returns to the company.

Another exhibitor Henan Lingrui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. puts products made from camellia oil on its desks instead of ointments.

Zhang Fan, employee from Zhengzhou Marketing Center of Zhengzhou Greendew Camellia Oil, told that many foreign businessmen have consulted it about these products. "They are interested in camellia oil's functions, stability and differences from olive oil. Although camellia trees can be found in Southeast Asia and China, only China is producing camellia oil and they are not familiar with such products."

Zhang Fan added that this marks Lingrui's second time to participate in this fair and last year's fair leaves Lingrui with many surprises because its presentation and negotiation in that fair are followed by cooperation with third-party platforms and foreign trade enterprises to boost the export of products. "Impressed by last year's outcome, Lingrui decides to present the full range of products this year.  As camellia oil can facilitate the poverty alleviation of Dabie Mountains Region and we hope to promote products with Chinese characteristics, we will continue to take part in events at this fair," he said.