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The guest of honour — Hungary

Thailand is located in the central Indo-China Peninsula. It is bordered to the west and north by Myanmar and the Andaman Sea, and to the northeast by Laos and southeast by Cambodia. It connects Malaysia by its strip peninsula in the south. Manufacturing, agriculture and tourism industries dominate Thailand's economy. Thailand is the only net exporter of grain in Asia, and top 5 exporter of agricultural products in the world. Manufacturing industries like electronic industry advance rapidly with obvious changes in industrial structure. With automobile industry as its pillar industry, Thailand is the automobile manufacturing center of Southeast Asia and the largest automobile market in ASEAN. It is also one of the most famed resorts worldwide.

In 2018, China and Thailand witnessed the bilateral trade value to reach USD 87.52 billion, up 9.2%. For China, the value of export was USD 42.89 billion, up 11.3%, and of import was USD 44.63 billion, up 7.3%. By the end of 2017, the direct investment stock of China’s enterprises for Thailand was USD 5.36 billion. In 2018, China added USD 640 million of direct non-financial investment for Thailand, up 26.9%. And Thailand's actual investment to China was USD 4.27 billion cumulatively.

Approved by the state, China Henan International Investment & Trade Fair is the most influential international and national-level event with the largest scale and highest standard in Henan Province. Serving as an important platform for Henan to open wider to the outside world and to carry on industry transfer, it has held for 12 times in a row. Via choosing Thailand as the Guest of Honor of this year's event, Henan plans to comprehensively and deeply synergize with the Belt and Road to expand Henan's economy and trade cooperation with the countries along the Belt and Road, especially Thailand, thus further expanding Henan's influence and building a new pattern of opening in an all-round way.