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Exhibition Area Enterprise Name Exhibition Category
Import Commodity Area ANYANG STEEL INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO.,LTD. Steel samples and steel application models (Brazil, Australia, Russia)
Import Commodity Area Henan Fengli Petrochemical Company Limited Crude oil, petrochemicals (Middle East)
Import Commodity Area HENAN ZHONGDAMEN Network Technology Co., Ltd. Skin-care products, health care products, food (countries: Japan, South Korea, US, France, Australia, German, Italy, Russia, Canada, Thailand, Malaysia, Regions: Taiwan (China), Hong Kong (China), Macao (China))
Import Commodity Area ZHENGZHOU INTERNATIONAL HUB DEVELOPMENT AND CONSTRUCTION CO.,LTD. Cars, red wine, white wine, vodka, beer, fruit drinks, milk, chocolate, honey, honey tea, edible oil, olive oil, pasta, tomato sauce, biscuits, potato chips, oatmeal, seaweed (France, Germany, Belarus, Belgium, Poland, Korea, Spain, Italy)
Import Commodity Area Anyang Yujiang Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Cold process handmade soap, oil soap, comfrey ointment, Thai aromatherapy (Thailand)
Import Commodity Area Winepack.Pty.Ltd.
Import Commodity Area Pakistan exhibition hall
Import Commodity Area Octus
Import Commodity Area Taiwan Jianhong Food Co., Ltd.
Import Commodity Area Taiwan Hexing International Enterprise Co., Ltd. Cultural and creative products, boutique products, Taiwan gifts, Taiwan kaoliang spirit, etc. (Taiwan (China))
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